Anchor Text

Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the visible blue text, often underlined, that links to an article or blog post, such as this link to Santa Barbara Marketing homepage. This type of link is particularly effective because the embedded text is relevant to the product or service, creating link juice that helps a website rank for the specific keyword phrase.

For example the phrase, “Yahoo news is a good news source, but I prefer Google news“, shows two separate anchor texts pointing to two separate news related websites – “Yahoo news’ points to and “Google News” points to

As search engines have improved their algorithms, they have given greater weighting to the content of the anchor text. So if you want to rank for a specific keyword phrase, you need to have this keyword phrase be in anchor text that links to your website.  This is true for anchor text on your website and for anchor text from other websites that links to your site. For example, if you use anchor text of “click here”, you will rank for the term, “click here”.  If you use keywords that are relevant to the page content, you will rank for the relevant content of the page.

To learn how Anchor Text will improve your search engine rankings, call (805) 966-3339 to speak with our SEO consultants for an overview of our proven SEO marketing solutions.  After all,we specialize in improving SEO rankings,  you should focus on managing your business.


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